Details about the build plan

Criteria for design elements are as follows, in order of priorities:








Lowest cost available

This defining and prioritizing of what matters the most in the design, helps to stay focused on what is really important when planning each and every little part of the coach. I refer to it as the ‘dessecal’ requirement, just because of the list’s initials, and for lack of a better name. Every inch of the design, every component chosen, and every material selected must take into consideration these important aspects, and must align with the priorities list. Durability before efficiency, because making sure it will not breakdown is more important than how much energy it uses. Safety before ergonomics, an example might be a drawer latch that is a pain to undo every time you use it, but is more important that it doesn’t ever come open while underway. Comfort before aesthetics because, while the looks are important, it has to be comfortable to live in for possibly months at a time. Following these rules help ensure the best over-all design. For example, a service panel inside on the cabinetry might have mounting screws that show. These are more durable, efficient, and serviceable than say, the more aesthetically pleasing invisible ‘snap’ fasteners that eliminate screw heads from showing, but can loosen and fail before screws, etc. Another example would be the large, custom dinette design which provides plenty of room to extend your legs, which is more efficient, safe, ergonomic, and comfortable, even though it will cost a little more than a low-cost standard off-the-shelf RV dinette table, which is never comfortable for people with legs. This ‘dessecal’ list will be guiding every decision I make in designing and building the best possible rv I can think of. I hope to make the most reliable, efficient, compact, comfortable, full-featured RV in the world. I’ve learned a great deal about how a well-built/serviceable coach is engineered from studying BlueBird Wanderlodges. In fact, I plan to name the little coach “Wunderlodge” with the oomlots (sp?) over the ‘u’, (many will pronounce it “voonderlodge”) in an homage to Wanderlodge designers, as a statement of how wonderful we think it is, and to pick up on the German-built chassis it is built on.

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van is often referred to as the most technologically advanced cargo van chassis on the planet. It’s “Bluetec” engine is the most-efficient and lowest-emissions’ diesel engine made! Their new, 4 cylinder (161hp, 265lb.ft.torque) version helps the vehicle achieve another 18% better mpg over the real-world 21 mpg of the 6 cyl (188hp, 320lb.ft.torque)! But I found out that the 4cyl can only get the better mileage if the vehicle isn’t loaded down very much, and so, we went with the 6cyl to benefit from the 55 extra lbs of torque. The van’s award winning design, features the lowest center of gravity, lowest loading deck-height, tallest headroom, widest side and rear doors, and lowest drag coefficient of any cargo van made. The suspension system, with their famous stability control and traction control, is said to help the huge van drive a lot like a passenger car. And the all-steel, framed body is strong and safe. For all of these reasons, more and more ‘Class B’, mini RV’s are being built on these chassis’. And yet, ironically, most of them do not use the longest version of the van, presumably to market them to older people who want more maneuverability. However, I feel that it is the 24’ one in particular, that makes it just big enough to create a full-feature, ‘cruiser-class’ mini motorhome that is compact, but not a compromise.

wunderlodge materials list


(“-” denotes already purchased)

-Awnings (two) 15’ Dometic ‘Case’ model. Powered 12v. Cantilevered arms, no legs. w/Wind sensor. $3,900

House batteries $2,008.10  200ah Lithium Iron Phosphate

heater $2,150.43 (diesel fired water/space heater)

Kisae 3000watt inverter with 30 amp transfer switch $600  at DonRowe (also $600)  300amp MRBF fuse $35

400amp ANL fuse $17    

Iota 55 amp charger (with lithium battery program board) $260

Midnight Classic solar battery charger (programed for lithium batteries) $650

-2 Sun Power brand solar panels 320 watt, 60 volt. 41”x61” free! (similar to these Panasonic ones)

Windows (2) $550

Step powered, slide-out $440

Sound deadener $180

Spray foam insulation $1,400

refrigerator  /freezer made into drawers using the (discontinued) Engel 12.v compressor kit $800

Fridge Thermometer $65 with 3 total remote zones

Window A/C $130

projector  200 lumens 854×480 resolution $270 or 400 lumens and 1280×800 resolution $359

dvd surround amp/spkrs compact system $173 samsung  

HDMI cables some ext cables to make video switcher(s)

Exhaust fans $380 (total for two)

microwave $95 (‘used’) (950watts on high “inverter”mode)

-4 camera 1080p security DVR 1080p security system $156 (plus $20 ext. warranty) w 1tb hdd

Handheld mouse $25

32” 1080p TV $125 (12v to 19v DC to DC inverter 5 amp, 95 watt, required $19)

Roof terrestrial TV antenna $60  or this 11” high dome one $72 or $50

toaster oven $118.89 (1500watts)

-Reg toaster $20 (750watts)

Nutone kitchen center under-counter-mounted-motor for blender attachment

Portable propane stove $75

fresh water tank $200

-Grab handles 18” black non-slip rubber (2) $27 ($13.50 ea. wholesale)

Water pump $60

Water pump filter $13

Check valves (two req.) $32

25 ft. Water hose $15 or Camco 25’ $10

½” 10’ $7

Compact extension hose $25

Water filling filter $27

PEX Crimp Tool w/20 ½” rings $33

Spray bottle with Simple Green in bath

Custom waste tanks $200

Seat (passenger) swivel kit(s) $500 driver seat swivel available mid may

Toilet $67

-Central vacuum made from used Hoover PortaPower canister vac

Dump valve

Hose for dumping grey tank

Reading lamps $20

Sm spkrs for bathroom (powered by car indash receiver spkr outputs)(plays even when amp(s) are off.

wifi repeater $300

4G repeater $300 or cradle $99

Driving light LED 51” bar flood/spot combo $80

Light channel bezels for strip lighting inside and outside the van

-in dash CD receiver $419

Steering wheel control interface $80

ODBII vehicle info scan interface

-Amps and subwoofers

back up camera and monitor $100

Retractable screen door for sliding doorway

GPS $280 (refurb) 7” Garmin (not “RV”) DriveSmart 70 NA LMT

Phone mounts $12

12v fuse block 12 circuit $41

110v circuit breaker box $12 6x10x4deep” 20 amp breakers $4.28ea(need 4)  ground bar $4.88  6-2/0 $3.13

Two 30 amp RV ext cords to make 17’/42’ shoreline power cord $64

Fresh Water Tank level meter system $74 or

Flow meter $63

lighting $200

Screen door $230

Stabilizing jacks $54  single ($25)     drill adapter $6

Leveler blocks $30

Socket $6

Back camera or this or this camera with the laptop screen as monitor 480 lines bullet cam $8

Back up warning sensor system $16

Exterior 12v power jack for flagpole lights $2 possibly one on patio side up high as well

Electric heater (have one from my blue bird)

Linear actuators $70 (order before may 10)

Fog lights $74

-Escort radar detector (have from BB)

Chairs $140

Under cabinet and bath wall mount light enclosures 45 degree angle  $32

7 valves for bathroom. $37.80

Kitchen faucet $80

Nuwave induction cooktop w 9”frypan $70 13” 1300watts

Nuwave model 30242 PIC Gold 14” induction cooktop with 1500 watts w/10.5” frypan

Nuwave induction cooktop with pressure cooker $150

11” induction bottom frypan $13

Deep, 12” induction fry pan $18

Dishes ikea blue green set of 18 $25

Dish set of 12 blue melamine $30

Corelle square acrylic tumblers

Multi density sponge foam mattresses for bench seats and bed $150

-Mattress upholstery fabric $50

Grey Ozite low-nap carpet for inside cabinet walls and garage cubbies $70

Fire extinguisher (3) $16

Smoke detector / carbon monoxide detector $25
total ~$20,000